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Peter King Predicts The Cincinnati Bengals Will Only Win Three Games

Peter King of Sports Illustrated is so impressed with the Bengals this year, he's predicting that Cincinnati will finish in fourth place with only three wins (which is actually three more than what some fans have panicked). In regards to the division, the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) will win the division championship with the Baltimore Ravens (also 10-6) claiming a wild card spot. He has the New England Patriots, San Diego Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets representing the AFC with the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions in the NFC. His Super XLVI prediction: Falcons 24, Chargers 20.

Predictions are a funny thing. In 2010 King wrote:

I think Carson Palmer returns with a vengeance to shut up people like me. After a lackluster 60.5-percent-accuracy, 3,094-yard season, Palmer, I believe, completes 64 percent and throws for 3,800 this year.

Close. Palmer posted 3,970 yards passing and completed 61.8% of his passes in 2010. Though the generic statistics of completion percentage and yards passing were outweighed by the 20 interceptions -- five of which were returned for touchdowns. Peter King predicted the Bengals would win seven games in 2009. Close. The team won ten and secured the AFC North Championship.

Are you predicting over three wins this season? Less? Or is Peter King dead-on?