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Rick Reilly Predicts 0-16 Season For The Cincinnati Bengals

It's a shame that ESPN acquired columnist Rick Reilly a while back, because obviously it severely impacted Sports Illustrated's last page of their weekly magazine. So that's not completely fair; I've enjoyed Reilly's columns but I've always failed to see the importance of a columnist or journalist predicting an entire NFL season, even if they're asked to by their respective managing editors. At best it generates discussion. And by discussion, we really mean readers that do a facepalm, write about how stupid said writer is and then visit the appropriate Cincy Jungle website to angrily point it all out (much like GrizzlyFox did). That being said, Reilly predicts the Bengals won't win another game until the 2012 season.

The Cincinnati Bengals will go 0-16. I don't see how they can beat anybody -- in the WAC. Rookie QB Andy Dalton has a very good chance to be in ICU halfway through the year. It's possible the Bengals could be the first team in fantasy football history to not have a single player drafted by anybody in America. You could take RB Cedric Benson, I guess, but does your league give points for misdemeanors?