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Trent Doesn't See Jennings as a Threat

At any work place there is competition. Perhaps there's competition to advance or maybe there's even competition to keep your job. Some people thrive on competition and some crumble under the pressure. Either way, most people would say that the worst thing that could happen at their job is for management to bring in somebody new that does the same job you do when there's only room for so many. That and, of course, this.....
"Can you tell me exactly what it is that you do here?"

When the Bengals traded for Kelly Jennings, Morgan Trent was put in a situation where he would have to compete for a job as the team's nickel cornerback. With Adam Jones going on the PUP list, Trent was the clear choice to be the team's nickel corner, however, now that Jennings is in the picture, that may not be the case.

Trent isn't worried about it though. He welcomes the competition.

"It's always good to have depth at corner," Trent said. "I guess you can (get defensive) if you let yourself but this is part of the business and you've got to understand that. I go out each day and work hard and I'll leave it up to (coaches) to make decisions."

Once Adam Jones comes back to the team there will be even more competition, but, since neck injuries can be complicated, it's possible that Jones doesn't come back right away. Trent is also recovering from a knee injury that landed him on injured reserve for the last eight games of the 2010 season, and even though he says he feels fine, he may not be 100 percent and the season opener is less than two weeks away.

It's likely that the trade for Jennings is mainly for insurance, but a little healthy competition never hurt anybody.