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Open Thread Of The Day: Is It Logical To Disregard Performance Against Carolina?

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We're firing 'em out today so we wanted to get an open thread posted for you guys. Regular season predictions, Whitworth's pending contract extension, Madden 12, the events that happened earlier this week, what you think about the overall team. You can even debate whether or not it's logical to disregard Cincinnati's success against the Carolina Panthers whereas it's completely logical to weigh the team's first two losses twice as much [SMH]. You choose.

You can talk about whatever you want. It's free speech. But you're not the government, Josh, so the law about free speech doesn't apply. Are you sure I'm not part of the government? Perhaps I'm looking at you through your webcam right now. And don't worry about that van down the street. It seriously takes four hours to deliver a bouquet of flowers at the vacant house.