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Bengals Preseason Finale Will Be on Tape Delay Locally

The Bengals play their last preseason game tomorrow night against the Colts in Paul Brown Stadium. Unfortunately, though, for Bengals fans that live in the Cincinnati area, the game will be on tape delay and won't be shown live on TV because the game is not a sell out.

The game will be aired on WKRC 12 in Cincinnati on tape delay at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday night or at 11 p.m. on WKEF-TC 22 if you live in Dayton.

Here is some more information about the game:

The television coverage will be hosted by Brad Johansen (play-by-play) and Anthony Munoz (analyst) with mike Valpredo as the sideline reporter. If you're going to be listening to the show on the radio in the Cincinnati area, you can hear the game on WLW-AM (700), WCKYAM (ESPN 1530) or WEBN-FM (102.7). Dan Hoard will be calling the play-by-play and Dave Lapham will be the analyst.

If you live in Ohio but outside of the Cincinnati/Dayton area, here's a TV Distribution Map. For those of you that live outside of the Cincinnati area with no way to watch or listen to the game (other than watching online), NFL Network will re-air the game on Friday at 4 a.m., so hopefully you won't have to get up and go to work early on Friday.

Of course, we'll be running open threads here at Cincy Jungle so feel free to stop by and chat with us as we watch the Bengals host the Colts.