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Bodog: Updated Super Bowl XLVI Odds

Back in February, we reported on Bodog's, an internet gambling site, odds for the Bengals to win Super Bowl XLVI. Those original odds were 60/1, which were pretty bad and hovered around the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos but wasn't nearly as bad as the Panthers' odds, which were 100/1.

Of course after the draft and after the beginning of free agency, the odds to win the Super Bowl were bound to change, and change they did. Even though the team had what most of us would call a successful draft and a decent beginning to free agency, their odds have slipped from 60/1 odds to nearly the bottom of the barrel with 100/1 odds.

Now the Bengals are in the bottom four teams in the league. They are tied with the Washington Redskins with 100/1 odds, the Buffalo Bills and the Carolina Panthers are the only two teams with worst odds at 150/1.

The Bengals are now the team with the worst odds in the AFC North. The Browns have 80/1 odds, the Ravens have 16/1 odds and the Steelers have 14/1 odds.

So, if you'd like to make a quick $100 (or more likely lose $1) go to Bodog and put a dollar down on the Bengals winning the Super Bowl.