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Bengals Receivers In The West Coast Offense

The Bengals wide receiver core will have one of the biggest transitions to make with the installation of the new offensive system. The west coast offense installed by offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is more than just a different playbook, it is a completely different offensive philosophy. One wide receiver said, "we're not robots anymore." Andre Caldwell described the new offense as:

"Instead of us calling the play based on the defense, we're putting the pressure on them. We can just go make plays and be ourselves. It used to be it was precise route-running, running like it was drawn up on paper. Now it's more like, 'This is football.' Sometimes you have to improvise. Get in an area, make a play, do what you've got to do."

The change in offensive philosophy is not the only change the returning wide receivers have had to deal with though. Their new-found freedom and flexibility on offense has been mirrored by a cracking down on personal freedoms and flamboyance which was tolerated last year. It seems like a win-win to me, as I would rather have my receivers letting loose on the field than off of it.

What do you think Bengals fans, would you prefer the 2011 style, a creative and flexible offensive manned by blue-collar lunch pail type receivers, or would you prefer the 2010 style, a more regimented offense with colorful and energetic receivers?

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