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Carson Palmer's Trade Value

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I know, I know, not another Carson Palmer article. Hey, news is news and Carson still happens to be big news. John Clayton over at ESPN had one of his question and answer sessions and to no ones surprise, Carson came up. Keith in Cleveland wanted to know what Carson's trade value would have been, if the Bengals had decided they were willing to trade Carson. Below is Clayton's response:

A: My read is that the best they could have done was a second-round pick. Maybe I'm underestimating his value, but here is my thinking. Kevin Kolb goes for a second-rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie because he's young and healthy. Palmer's had knee and elbow problems and fell from the ranks of the elite last year. I'm hearing the Dolphins might have only been willing to give up a third-round choice for Kyle Orton, and the Broncos wanted a No. 2. At the very least, Palmer would be around a second-round value.

A second-round pick for Carson sounds pretty fair to me. I do not buy the argument that Mike Brown needs to set a precedent with Carson and by refusing his trade demands he is saving himself and the team a lot of anguish in the future. Players have demanded to be traded before Carson and they will continue to demand trades in the future. If a player will not play for you, trade them for a draft pick or for someone who will. 

Mike says that he will not reward Carson by trading him, but in actuality he is just hurting the teams and the fans who give so much to this team.

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