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Cincinnati Bengals Invite Bo Scaife For A Visit

According to Pro Football Talk, the Cincinnati Bengals have lined up a visit with veteran tight end Bo Scaife. With 251 receptions for 2,383 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns during his six-year career with the Tennessee Titans, Scaife is more known for his hands than  his run blocking, scoring a -11.1 in grading scale, during the 2010 season with the Titans. Pro Football Focus'

We're not sure exactly what to make of this, save for the fact Cincinnati wants to work at improving their tight end depth, perhaps overall special teams play and maybe as a little insurance. Neither Chase Coffman or Jermaine Gresham have completed a 16-game season and if either succumbs to injury, Scaife would be a nice backup plan. Additionally, if the Bengals are looking for a more active roll from a free agent tight end, Scaife serves as a safe option for rookie quarterback like Andy Dalton.

Scaife is also expected to join the St. Louis Rams. Hopefully they actually get ink to paper this time around if they agree to terms.