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Board Of Commissioners Floating Idea Of Sales Tax Increase To Fund Stadiums


The relationship between the Cincinnati Bengals and Hamilton County is contentious, at best. Roughly 15 years ago, Hamilton County residents approved a half-cent sales tax to help pay for the development of Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark, which largely depended on "annual sales tax growth of three percent." The stadium fund could go into the red next year, forcing Hamilton County to brainstorm ideas to cover it.

According to Sharon Coolidge from the Cincinnati Enquirer, one idea to "plug a looming $30 million-a-year deficit" for both stadiums is a new "half-cent sales tax in Hamilton County".

Hamilton County Board of Commissioners President Greg Hartmann - a Republican - floated the idea as a way to solve the looming stadium fund deficit during a live video chat on Thursday about issues facing the county.

Hartmann was quick to add: not now. Instead, a sales tax is a solution after the economy improves. And, it shouldn't be done without a break in property taxes for Hamilton County property owners, Hartmann added.

In a Cincinnati Enquirer poll asking if readers would support it, of the 500 voters, nearly 80% said no.