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Bengals Could Take Four Tight Ends

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A lot of commotion is being made about the Bengals newest tight end, former Titans franchise player Bo Scaife. Bengals fans want to see the younger players, play. Especially a talent like tight end Chase Coffman, who has struggled to translate his accomplished career career into the NFL. Entering his third season, Coffman has only posted three receptions for 30 yards receiving (all of which were during the final game of the 2010 regular season). Due to the fact he was on the practice squad for the majority of his rookie season, which ended prematurely with an injury, Coffman has only been active for six games in his career.

Yet the team signing Scaife to a one-year deal for $1 million may have less to do with Coffman as it does with the Bengals offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden.

"The more tight ends, the better. It helps us in the run game and the passing game," Gruden said. "It will help load up the box for A.J. (Green) to get open down the field. You have two tight ends in there and a lot of times the defense has to put seven, eight men in the box and it leaves our receivers one-on-one a lot. We move people around two tight ends, three tight ends hopefully."

There's a chance Cincinnati could go with four tight ends this year, indicates's Geoff Hobson, largely because undrafted free agent "Colin Cochart" "has caught everyone's eye."