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ESPN's AFC North Blog Posts Trivial Pot-Shot Against Bengals Fans

In reality I have no qualms against Brad Kostoff, the guy that sold his Bengals allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Spending any time on someone's lack of loyalty is a waste of our time. If someone wants to cheer for another team, more power to them. We don't have to like it, but reality, we really don't even have to care. Go. Be off with yourself and have fun cheering for the popular thing of the moment.

In fact my biggest issue is James Walker's obsession with it. Not only does he give Kostoff a rather large platform to ridicule the organization, he actively seeks out quotes. Sure. It's one thing for people to takes shots at the Bengals front office (you could say that they deserve it). It's another when that platform is used by a well-respected ESPN blog that suddenly takes petty pot-shots at Bengals fans, using Kostoff as an intermediary.

If you want to know the quotes, you'll have to go to ESPN's AFC North blog. We're no longer adding links to AFC North blog postings that offer nothing than inflammatory remarks on the Bengals.

So now we'll move on. We don't care about Kostoff's affair with his new girlfriend, while his wife has also moved on with perhaps one of the most talented wide receiver prospects in recent memory. A defense finally transitioning into a new era with Rey Maualuga as the fact with a front seven that's just as good as we've seen in Cincinnati for some time. I'm sure the AFC North blog will hit on those points when they arrive in Georgetown this week.