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Willie Anderson: Quarterback Carson Palmer Recently In Town To Meet With Bengals

Much like Andrew Whitworth today, Willie Anderson long stood as my favorite Bengals player when he played in Cincinnati. Long have I admitted my obsession with offensive linemen. Without them, there is no running game. There is no passing game. There is no offense. There is no football.

On Saturday Anderson tweeted that former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer could be returning.

When Carson Palmer comes back to play for Bengals "Thank Me Later!"less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

Willie, Willie, Willie.

Anderson eventually recanted the statement, saying that Palmer recently left Cincinnati after meeting with the Bengals brass and that his return is "not happening." If only our old friend Willie would just read the pages of CincyJungle, maybe he'd know that already.

Palmer's return at this point could be disastrous. While Andy Dalton has worked a majority of the snaps during training camp, Palmer's return would upset that development because both Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown have both admitted his immediate ascension to the starting lineup if he were to return. Additionally we can't believe that suddenly Palmer's change of heart would mean that the same problems wouldn't return next season, further needing Dalton's development to go uninterrupted.

Regardless, it's not happening, nor have we expected his return since the Bengals drafted rookie Andy Dalton in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft.