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Tim McGee Being Sued By Former Bearcat Ruben Patterson

According to Kimball Perry of the Cincinnati Enquirer, former University of Bearcat basketball player Ruben Patterson is suing former Bengals wide receiver Tim McGee. Patterson claims that:

McGee misled him in business deals and hasn't repaid a loan. Patterson seeks from McGee repayment of $687,000 plus $1 million in punitive damages.

McGee denies the allegations, calling them "frivolous".

Patterson, who played professional basketball for a decade and lives in Indian Hill, notes in the suit that he so trusted McGee that he hired him to serve as his agent. That included giving McGee a power of attorney and access to the bank account in which Patterson, who made millions, deposited his paychecks.

In 2004, the suit alleges, McGee offered to sell Patterson a piece of land adjacent to Courts 4 Sports, a McGee-owned indoor sports facility in Mason. When Patterson agreed, McGee took $337,000 out of Patterson's account for the property.

McGee, selected in the first round of the 1986 NFL Draft, spent eight seasons with the Bengals, posting 282 career receptions for 4,703 yards receiving and 25 touchdowns with the team.