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Bengals Rank Dead-Last In ESPN's Power Rankings

ESPN released their first power rankings of the preseason with the Green Bay Packers (predictably) ranked first, with the New England Patriots second, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers to round out the top-five. The Baltimore Ravens are ranked ninth and the lowly Cleveland Browns are 29th.

Cleveland is exactly where they belong, towards the bottom of the pile stewing about their Browns club. All is right with the world with doves flying overhead in slow motion seconds before an intense John Woo action sequence.

Where does that leave Cincinnati?

Well, dead last of course. You expected anything more from ESPN?

The Bengals are moving on from the Carson Palmer-Chad Ochocinco era, but expect plenty of growing pains with young players. (Walker)

As one could optimistically suggest, there's no place to go but up. Unfortunately for ESPN, Rey Maualuga will have to punish, A.J. Green will have to awe and Bengals fans will have to cheer the unexpected realization that this team could shock people into convulsions. As one could optimistically suggest, of course.