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Bengals Round Table: Reggie Kelly, ESPN Power Rankings And Rookie Of The Year

Earlier today the Writers of the Round Table discussed issues such as Sunday's expectations against the Detroit Lions, the overall feeling with the offensive line, the pass rush and the initial reaction to the team's depth chart. In this installment with Jason Garrison, Joe Goodberry, Naji Bsisu and Josh Kirkendall, we sort of take it easy, chill out a bit and go through a variety of topics; Reggie Kelly hanging out with the Steelers at their camp, ESPN's Power Rankings, most likely Bengals rookie to be named Rookie of the Year and candidates who are most likely to step up and step down.

Reggie Kelly is hanging out in the Steelers camp, looking for work. Good for him or ultimate betrayal?

Joe Goodberry: Both. We like Reggie. Hate to see him in Pittsburgh but it didn't look like the Bengals were signing him.
Jason Garrison: Not ultimate betrayal. Good for him. I like Reggie a lot and I've been fortunate enough to form a kind of relationship with him at CJ with a few interviews. He's an unbelievably nice guy and I hope the best for him. I know he still wants to play and I think he's capable of making an impact somewhere. Hate to see him go to Pittsburgh but I'm happy for him.
Naji Bsisu: I hate to see him go to the Steelers.
Josh Kirkendall: Agreed on all accounts. Who replaces him as the blocking tight end that the Bengals love? Colin Cochart?
Joe: Gresham is the best blocker on the active 46 man roster now.

Josh: Is there a feeling that the team may keep Cochart over Chase Coffman, especially now that Bo Scaife signed with the team?
Jason: No, I don't think so. I think they're still working on developing Coffman and he can be a factor in the passing game.
Joe: I don't get that feeling either. Everybody keeps talking about Cochart's blocking. I haven't seen much in the little I've seen. Plus Cochart is last on the depth chart that just released.
Josh: I'm saying this right now, Chase Coffman is on the bubble.
Naji: I'd hate to see Coffman go without at least seeing him perform in Gruden's offense for one year
Joe: Chase can play. Bo Scaife is just a guy at this point. He could be cut too.
Josh: But why sign him without a reasonable chance to make the team?
Joe: To see what he can offer. It was a one-year, $1 million deal. Almost minimum salary.

Josh: Any chance this team takes four tight ends?
Jason: I wouldn't think so.
Joe: The only offense we can look at as a guide is the Buccaneers under the Grudens. They usually kept four tight ends, but they didn't have a Gresham to take a majority of the snaps.
Josh: We have to consider that the team will be allowed an additional player on the active roster this year. Where does that come from? Two receiving tight ends (Gresham, Coffman), one utility tight (Scaife) and a blocking tight end that doubles as an H-back (Cochart)?
Joe: That 46th spot has to be a guy who can back-up more than one spot and contribute heavily on special teams. A guy like Dan Skuta. And I wasn't trying to say Scaife is getting cut, but he's certainly not guaranteed a spot. The Titans didn't want him. Other teams passed in free agency. He's a solid player but hasn't average 10 yards/reception in a few years. He's running on his last legs. Not good for a receiving tight end.

Bengals ranked dead last in ESPN's Rankings.

Naji: Bengals come in last place...
Jason: Yeah, that's not surprising.
Joe: Not at all.
Naji: Who do you guys think is the worst team in the league right now?
Josh: Browns.
Joe: 49ers, Browns. We're not far off though.
Josh: The Kansas City Royals look at the Browns and go, "whoa, now they suck."
Joe: The Bengals are in the bottom five.
Naji: Yeah, I'd agree with bottom five, but not overall worst.
Jason: I would put the 49ers near the bottom along with the Steelers, Patriots, Colts and Ravens. I think all those teams suck
Naji: Don't forget the Packers while you're at it.
Josh: God, I hate the Browns.

Naji: So who has a better chance of winning Rookie of the Year: Dalton or Green?
Josh: Green.
Jason: Definitely Green.
Joe: Green. No doubt.
Josh: To be honest, none of us can believe you actually asked that question.
Naji: I guess that was a little more one sided than I anticipated.
Jason: But if he wins rookie of the year, Dalton definitely helped.
Josh: Quarterbacks tend to do that for wide receivers.

Joe: Player Most likely to step his game up and one player most likely to see a dip in performance?
Josh: Step up: Andre Smith. Step down: (controversially) Carlos Dunlap.
Joe: Wow. I like that. Bold.
Naji: Maualuga most likely to step up. Step down, going with Bobbie Williams.
Jason: Player most likely to step up: Jerome Simpson. Player most likely to dip: Leon Hall.
Josh: Hall because Johnathan Joseph left?
Jason: Yeah and he's going to be going up against the best now.
Joe: Step up: Jermaine Gresham. Step Down: Andrew Whitworth.
Josh: Wow, Joe. Really. Big Whit?
Naji: Whit is a man among boys.
Josh: He's like friggin' Beowulf.
Joe: Yeah because of Dalton. Nothing wrong with Whit, but Palmer masked many of pass blocking deficiencies. Dalton isn't going to see the Steelers blitz before it comes and get the ball out fast enough.
Josh: Logic makes sense. Palmer was rated one of the best quarterbacks avoiding sacks by releasing the football quickly. Though that doesn't include passes that went for defensive touchdowns.
Everyone: LOL.