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Andrew Whitworth On Carson Palmer Departure: We Didn't Lose Much Leadership Of This Team

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Along with his total domination, knocking defensive ends so hard that they broke lightspeed and time traveled back into grade school, Willie Anderson also acted like the pulse for the team; honest answers to somewhat difficult questions that didn't always sensitive to the subject. Since big Willie was released by the Bengals in a cost-cutting move to save money against the cap, the Bengals haven't had that lockerroom face, the voice of a leader that speaks to the fans. And I'm not really sure they have that yet, even though Bobbie Williams keeps making a pitch for the role with great interviews.

Or maybe we could nominate Andrew Whitworth. During an interview on Tuesday, when asked about the loss of leadership with Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco's departure, Whitworth simply said:

"We didn't lose much of the leadership of this team, really."


Whitworth on the youth movement:

"One thing that is kind of different is we have young players who are excited for their opportunity."


Whitworth on Chad Ochocinco specifically:

"I wish at times he could have done more things to help the team rather than just things that help him."

Bengals running back Cedric Benson added his own comment on Chad Ochocinco:

"I didn't really get to know him personally. I knew him as a player. I personally don't miss him, no."

Fact... and beautiful.