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Reggie Kelly Left Steelers Camp Without Signing A Contract

Former Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly was reportedly planning a visit to Pittsburgh Steelers camp this week, which he did Tuesday morning. For the most part fans are fine with this, even if it's with a hated rival. Kelly is largely endeared in Cincinnati as a good person, hard worker and positive outlook.

Granted he wasn't a touchdown machine nor did he break any receiving records. But most fans know that football is more than the sexy wide receivers that sprint 4.3 making the acrobatic receptions. Kelly wasn't the receiver, he was the hard worker that made the receiver look good with quality blocking; compounded with developing younger tight ends like Jermaine Gresham and Chase Coffman with the overall positive contribution to chemistry. Of course, we weren't there to experience the final part; that's just what the players have said themselves about him in the past.

That being said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kelly left St. Vincent College without signing a contract with the Steelers on Tuesday.

"We had a nice visit," Coach Mike Tomlin said. "We'll see where the process goes."

A return to the Bengals seems unlikely with four tight ends competing for three spots and Gresham already sealing the first.