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Bernard Scott Who? Marvin Lewis Reveals Man-Crush on Jay Finley

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Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis joined Jim Miller and Solomon Wilcots on NFL Radio on Sirius tonight, and among other things didn't hesitate to predict that seventh-round pick Jay Finley would do great things this year.

"Our little runner Jay Finley who we got at the end of the draft I think will make an impact for us...he's a guy who will make a big difference for us this year, gives us what we were looking for and is that kind of change-of-pace guy that has great speed and the ability to catch a football."

I'm sure that's welcome news (not) to Bengals current change-of-pace guy RB Bernard Scott, a three-year veteran that many fans feel has never gotten enough chances -- and has often been poorly utilized when he did get on the field. In 29 games, Scott has 620 yards on 135 carries, and 16 receptions for 121 yards. On the team's first camp depth chart, Scott occupied second chair while Finley was in a scrum for "other." Bernard is also the team's No. 1 kick returner.

However, Scott has also had some injury issues and hasn't been practicing lately due to a hamstring injury. Motivation for him to "rub a little dirt on it?" A hint the hammy injury is worse than thought? Marvin messing with our heads? I don't know, but Marvin bringing up a seventh round pick in between talking about vet free agents, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green certainly got my ear.