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Bengals Preseason Finale Against Indianapolis To Air Live On The NFL Network

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If you're a Cincinnati Bengals fan that lives outside the 75-mile radius from Paul Brown Stadium, such as Columbus (Ch. 6), Lima (Ch. 35) or Louisville (Ch. 41) you're safe; -- and some would say lucky. As Jason Garrison pointed out Wednesday afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals won't be shown live locally; instead on tape delay at 11:35 p.m. on Local 12 (or WKEF-TC in Dayton at 11 p.m.) inside the magical 75-mile radius.

The only options you have to watch the game as it unfolds is to purchase a $70 ticket in which the starters will leave by the first quarter, drive outside the radius, or ________ (enter more innovative solution here).

Truth is, no matter where you are in the world (outside the 75-mile radius of course), and as long as you have the NFL Network, you're in luck (you cheeky bastard). Cincinnati's preseason finale will air live on NFL Network, along with a 4 a.m. replay Friday morning. Unless of course you live in the 75-mile radius; then you're blacked out on Local 12, the NFL Network and the online NFL Preseason Live until well after the game.