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Game Preview: Colts Passing Game Vs. Bengals Defense

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The Bengals face off against the Indianapolis Colts for the 19th time in the last 20 years tonight in Paul Brown Stadium for the team's last 2011 preseason game. The Bengals lead the preseason series 13-6 and have won the last seven games. 

Here are some match ups to watch for when the Bengals take the field at 7 p.m. in Cincinnati. This one is.....

Colts Passing Game Vs. Bengals Defense

The Colts have not had their star quarterback Peyton Manning throughout the preseason and they won't have him again tonight. Who they will have is veteran backup quarterback Kerry Collins, who is making his debut as the team's starting quarterback in Manning's absence. Collins is no where near the quarterback that Manning is, but being that this is the fourth and final preseason game, the defense wouldn't see much of Manning even if he was playing.

The Colts have extremely talented receivers and a tough offensive line. Bengals cornerbacks Leon Hall and Nate Clements will have their hands full with Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon while the rest of the secondary worries about extremely talented tight end Dallas Clark. Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez, two more talented Colts receivers, will likely sit out tonight.

It will be important for the Bengals to not let Collins, or any other Colts quarterback, get too comfortable in the pocket. Since it looks as though Carlos Dunlap, the team's premier pass rusher, will miss the game again tonight, Michael Johnson and Robert Geathers will have to provide the pressure from the outside. Geno Atkins will also provide pressure from inside but he'll be going up against a much better interior offensive line than he was against the Panthers.

Hopefully defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has some special blitz packages set up with his linebackers as well as some members of the secondary. 

Usually, the Colts would rely on Peyton Manning and his ability to move the ball down the field through the air. Tonight, Manning won't be on the field at all. Instead, we'll get to watch Collins attempt to move the ball after not taking a single snap so far in the preseason. 

It shouldn't be too tough of a matchup for the Bengals secondary, but it would be nice to see a heavy pass rush to help them out.