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Taylor Mays Pass Interference Leads To An Indianapolis Colts Field Goal

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Cincinnati's opening drive ended with a quick three-and-out, leading to the Indianapolis Colts starting their possession from their own 46-yard line. Quarterback Kerry Collins drops back on first down and launches for David Gilreath down the left hashmarks. By the time the football reached its highest peak, Taylor Mays was already beaten on the play-action by several steps, recovering just enough to commit a 44-yard pass interference.

Not only was Mays beaten on the play, he assures the Colts a massive shift in field position by allowing Indianapolis to snap from the Bengals 10-yard line on the very next play. Thankfully the Bengals bend-but-don't-break defense showed, holding Donald Brown to a two-yard gain, along with an incomplete pass and a minimal three-yard gain on third-and-goal from the Bengals eight-yard line.

Adam Vinatieri converts the 23-yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead. Mays, who got the start thanks to Cincinnati's starting secondary having the night off, is a likely candidate to make the team. But he's not certain and that's not a good start.