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A.J. Green's Fumble Stalls Cincinnati's Scoring Drive

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After Cincinnati's offense started the game three-and-out, compounded by a massive Taylor Mays pass interference that pushed the Colts into field goal position, the Bengals offense moved the football with ease. Much like we've seen throughout the preseason, the Bengals began their drive from the 20-yard after a touchback, though finally picking up their first first down on the first play of the second possession with a simple route in the right flats by Bengals receiver A.J. Green. Leonard picked up a minimal gain, followed by a catchable pass to Jordan Shipley that fell incomplete.

With eight yards to go for a first down at their own 33-yard line, Jordan Shipley launches from the right slot, finding a gap in the zone near the right sidelines and picking up 20 yards on the play. A five-yard quarterback scramble, 10-yard Brian Leonard run behind the right side of the line put Cincinnati at their own 32-yard line.

Cincinnati kept moving the football to the Colts 12-yard line when Andy Dalton takes the shotgun snap on third-and-eight. After the reception from the nine-yard line, Green spins to his right and loses the football. Colts' Pat Angerer picks up the loose ball and returns it to the 32-yard line, killing Cincinnati's scoring drive.

This is the ninth give-away by the Bengals offense.