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Michael Johnson Forced Fumble Leads To Mike Nugent Tying Field Goal

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Under four minutes left in the first quarter and Kerry Collins takes the offensive snap from midfield on second down. After taking a quick three-step drop, the quarterback locks into wide receiver David Gilreath on the left running a quick slant. Gilbreath juggles the quick pass when Jonathan Wade secures the interception through the receiver, giving the Bengals their second turnover of the preseason -- and first for the defense. The Colts challenged the play and the interception was overturned, giving the Colts the ball back. Fine. Let's try that again.

On third down, Collins takes the shotgun snap. Michael Johnson speeds around the right edge, owning rookie Anthony Castonzo (again). Johnson did a tremendous job ripping with his right arm to secure the advantage over the left tackle, allowing Johnson to close on the quarterback, getting his hand on the football that Frostee Rucker was able to recover. Now the Bengals defense records their first turnover of the preseason. That's better.

Bruce Gradkowski enters the game at this point, giving Dalton two possessions with Brian Leonard in the backfield. And the combination of Gradkowski and Leonard moved the ball. After a ten-yard run to start the drive, the Bengals convert a third-and-three on a four-yard pass to tight end Colin Cochart in a flair to the left flats. On the very next play, Leonard picks up 15 yards behind Clint Boling at left guard after Chris Pressley opened the lane with a devastating block.

A play later and once the second quarter kicked off, from the Bengals seven-yard line, Cincinnati was unable to get in the endzone. A draw that picked up four yards led to a third-down run to the left that resulted in a one-yard gain. Mike Nugent converts the 25-yard field goal tying the game at three; the first points produced by a Bruce Gradkowski-led offense this preseason.