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Bengals Enter Half-Time With A 10-3 Lead Over The Colts

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With a seven-point lead and 2:39 remaining in the first half, the Bengals offense ease into their two-minute offense from their own 15-yard line after Cincinnati's defense held the Colts to only one first down. After Cedric Peerman picked up four yards on the ground, followed by a dropped pass (Peerman), quarterback Bruce Gradkowski rolls out to the right to escape pressure. Ryan Whalen finds the first down marker just as the quarterback released the football, hauling in the first down pass (barely). Two minute warning.

A 19-yard Cedric Peerman screen pass was negated by a Reggie Stephens hold, though that was also negated a play later thanks to a defensive holding that setup Cincinnati at their own 30-yard line with 1:34 left in the first quarter. The Bengals would eventually punt the football after two passes picked up six yards, capped with an incomplete third down pass from the Bengals 36-yard line. Drive over.

The Colts finished the first half with a combination of clock expiring runs. The Bengals are leading at half time, 10-3.