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Andrew Whitworth Left Locker Room With Boot On His Left Foot

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals starting left tackle was "walking out of the locker room" after the game with a "boot on his left foot."

It's possible Whitworth hurt his left foot during Cedric Benson's 39-yard touchdown run with 1:56 left in the game, sealing Cincinnati's 27-17 win in Cleveland. The right side of the line literally collapsed the entire Browns defensive front inside, while Chris Pressley interfered with cornerback Joe Haden; the lone defensive player outside.

Whitworth stepped to his right, wrapping blitzing linebacker Scott Fujita around the neck (could have been a hold). Defensive end Jabaal Sheard pushed Whitworth to the ground as Benson broke through the line of scrimmage for the touchdown.

Regardless of the injury, Geoff Hobson writes that Whitworth "didn't seem too concerned."

The Bengals offensive line did contribute on the day with 139 yards rushing Sunday afternoon, allowing running backs to average 4.2 yards/rush. However Bengals quarterbacks lost 18 yards on four quarterback sacks.