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Film Review: Andy Dalton Finds Jermaine Gresham for First Career TD

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With 2:22 left in the first quarter, the Bengals found themselves in a third-and-goal situation on the two-yard line. They were already up 3-0 thanks to a 24-yard field goal from Mike Nugent on the previous drive. 

The Bengals lined up in a goalline formation with an extra tight end, Colin Cochart on the right hand side just off the line behind Jermaine Gresham. Andy Dalton was under center and Chris Pressley and Cedric Benson were behind him in the I-formation. The Browns lined up with five down linemen and both cornerbacks in on either side of the defensive ends, leaving two linebackers and two safeties in the backfield about five yards into the end zone.

When the ball was snapped, the entire offensive line fired out and Pressley burst up through a hole on the right side of the line. Dalton faked a handoff to Benson, who followed his fullback. Both Pressley and Benson stopped short of the end zone and started to help the offensive line form a pocket around Dalton, who still had the ball and was looking for a man. The offensive line blocked well, forming a clear pocket for Dalton to sit in for three seconds. There wasn't a Browns player within three yards of him when he threw the ball.

The only person who didn't block right away was Gresham; he ran straight towards the back of the end zone, paused and then cut to his left, running across the quarterback about a yard short of the end line.

Andrew Whitworth stayed into block just for a second before he took off into the end zone towards the left sideline. Browns defensive back Ray Ventrone wasn't fooled, though. He stuck with Whitworth the entire time and had him covered well.

Gresham had his man beat, though. He was being tailed by T.J. Ward, who stands at 5-10. Gresham stands a good seven inches taller at 6-5. Dalton threw the ball ahead and a little high where only Gresham could catch the ball, and Gresham reached and hauled it in. Ward immediately took him down but Gresham held on, giving the Bengals their first touchdown of the game and Dalton his first touchdown pass of his career.

The Bengals defense forced the Browns to punt again on the next drive and then the offense drove down the field again and finished with a 47-yard field goal from Nugent, giving the Bengals a 13-0 lead early in the second quarter.