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Film Review: Bengals Catch Browns Sleeping

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This one will be easy.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Browns had taken a 17-13 lead over the Bengals. Cincinnati had lost their starting quarterback, Andy Dalton, at the end of the first half and struggled through the third and most of the fourth quarter to move the ball with Bruce Gradkowski at the helm.

With just over four minutes left in the game, the Bengals were in a third-and-11 situation and were likely in four-down territory.

They took the lead on the following play.

The Bengals broke the huddle very quickly after seeing that the Browns were in the huddle and weren't really paying attention. The Bengals lined up with Jerome Simpson wide left, A.J. Green wide right and Jordan Shipley in the slot between Green and the offensive line. Brian Leonard was in the backfield and Jermaine Gresham was on the left side of the line.

Even though the Bengals were lined up, the Browns were just breaking their defensive huddle and all 11 players were grouped across the offensive line. When the ball was snapped, the Browns weren't even close to being ready.

Green took off down the field and Shipley ran towards the sideline. Shipley was the first player Browns cornerback Joe Haden saw and Haden took off after him until he saw Gradkowski throw the ball over his head to Green.

Haden tried to adjust but was still about four yards behind Green when he caught the ball and Green ran into the end zone without being touched for his first career catch and first career touchdown.

The Bengals took the lead and wouldn't give it up again.