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Marvin Lewis: Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton Is A Lot Better Today Than Yesterday

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During his weekly Monday press conference following Sunday's game, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis didn't provide any additional updates to Andy Dalton's injury, allowing that the team's starting quarterback is "a lot better than yesterday." The actual injury is somewhat disputed though, with Lewis keeping quiet what was actually hurt. Dalton was believed to have undergone an MRI Sunday night to verify that nothing was broke on his throwing arm.

Dalton was forced out of Sunday's game during Cincinnati's final offensive play in the first half after he was sandwiched between Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor and defensive end Jabaal Sheard on a third down play with less than a minute remaining.

Initial reports suggested that Dalton suffered a wrist injury, even requiring x-rays; though he tried to make a couple of throws on the sidelines on separate occasions, struggling to firmly grip the football. Instead it was heavily bandaged during the second half.

The injury can't be too serious, however, because Lewis said that the team isn't planning on bringing in another quarterback.

If Dalton is unable to go against the Denver Broncos this Sunday, Bruce Gradkowski would make his first start as a Cincinnati Bengals quarterback and it's most likely that the team will have to make room for Zac Robinson, currently on the team's practice squad, on the 53-man roster to backup Gradkowski.