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Andy Dalton's Injury "Appears" To Be A Forearm Contusion

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According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton's injury against the Cleveland Browns "appears" to be is a forearm contusion, calling his status "day-to-day."

Dalton visited a specialist on Monday for more tests to make sure there weren't any small broken bones but all indications are that he will be questionable going into Sunday’s game at Denver.

MD Advice calls a forearm contusion the "bruising of skin and underlying tissues" caused by a direct blow, often associated with violent sports. And according to MD Advice, getting sandwiched between two heavy defensive linemen constitutes a "direct blow". Doctor's care and some physical therapy may be needed for serious contusions.

Based on Marvin Lewis' press conference, at least the tone of it, it appears that he's optimistic Dalton will return against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. However, we're fairly certain that the Bengals are leaving the "catch the defense off-guard with a quick snap" play for Bruce Gradkowski.