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Jordan Palmer Released From UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions

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Since the Bengals released backup (and third-string) quarterback Jordan Palmer, the quarterback found a home with the United Football League's Sacramento Mountain Lions. Palmer was to become a backup with McLeod Bethel-Thompson behind starting quarterback Ryan Colburn. However on the same day that the Mountain Lions released their roster that included Palmer, a separate press release was issued in which Palmer was removed from the active roster.

About a month ago, WCPO's Dennis Janson (who has become the conduit for news regarding Carson Palmer via anonymous sources), tweeted that Carson believed that the Bengals were "toying with brother Jordan" and that he'd be cut too late to sign elsewhere.

The fact is if Jordan Palmer was a good NFL quarterback, he'd make a UFL roster no matter how late the Bengals cut him. But it was highly unlikely that Jordan would ever make another NFL roster; he would have been out of the league earlier, however most of us believed he was signed by the Bengals as a favor to Carson.

Note: Before giving us crap about talking about Jordan Palmer, just know that we try to update as many former Bengals players as we can.