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Cedric Benson's 39-Yard Touchdown Run Nominated For The GMC's Never Say Never Moment

Even though Bengals running back Cedric Benson wasn't nominated for one award, his 39-yard touchdown at the tail end of Cincinnati's 27-17 win over the Cleveland Browns was nominted for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of week one. After the touchdown, Benson said:

“It was very relieving. You know that when you have been trying to do that the entire game and try to make big plays for your team, and you’re trying to get the momentum switched back over, it feels good to see that open up. When you see it open up and all you can see is the end zone, it’s hard to describe how relieving it feels.”

I'm sure he told the offensive line, thanks man.

Other nominations include Green Bay's Clay Matthews and the Packers defense stuffing Saints running back Mark Ingram at the goalline to secure their eight-point Thursday night win. New York Jets running back Joe McKnight blocked Mat McBriar's punt, scooped by cornerback Isaiah Trufant, returning it for a game wining touchdown over the Dallas Cowboys.

All three plays/players are nominations for this week's GMC Never Say Never Moment of week one. This is a fan vote, so make sure you go often and vote for Benson and the Bengals.