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Bengals Chris Pressley Opens the Door on Cedric Benson's Touchdown Run

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The Bengals were up three points and had the ball with 1:49 left in the fourth quarter and it was third down and three yards for the first. The Bengals were on the 39-yard line so getting stopped would have put them in a situation where they could kick a long field goal, but still not be up by enough points to secure a win if the Browns scored a touchdown, try to pin the Browns back deep with an accurate punt or go for it on fourth down.

They didn't need to make that tough decision though.

The Bengals were lined up in a power running formation, with Jermaine Gresham and Colin Cochart on the right side of the line next to Andre Smith. Cedric Benson was in the backfield behind fullback Chris Pressley and A.J. Green was wide left. 

The Browns put everybody they had on the line, including cornerback Joe Haded, who lined up just outside of Roland. The other linebackers were lined up over center and left guard Nate Livings and the safeties were just a few yards outside of them.

When the ball was snapped, the entire right side of the offensive line pushed the defensive line back off the line. Andre Smith burst beyond the line and hit middle linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, keeping him out of the play and the rest of the defense had taken themselves out of the play either by being on the wrong side of the field, by being blocked out of the play or by picking the wrong holes to blitz through or plug up.

That left one defender that could make a play. Cornerback Joe Haden.

As Bruce Gradkowski handed Benson the ball, near the line of scrimmage, Chris Pressley, the Bengals fullback, hit Haden and pushed him towards the sideline, taking him out of the play. If he had missed that block or not seen him, Haden could have stopped Benson before he was able to get beyond the first-down marker. That would have forced the Bengals into making a decision that could have given the Browns the ball back with enough time to possibly march down the field and win, or at least tie the game.

The offensive line blocked beautifully on the play and Benson ran hard. However, if it wasn't for Pressley, there could be a chance that the game would have ended very differently.