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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Three-Position Improvement Was Too Much For ESPN's Tastes

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By this time last week the Cincinnati Bengals ranked dead-last in ESPN's Power Rankings. Reactions from you guys ranged anywhere from "nowhere to go but up" (GoffChile), "here's to low expectations" (Paul Cannon) to "ESPN reporting is consistently lazy and misinformed" (TarZander). ESPN's AFC North blogger James Walker felt like he was doing the Bengals a favor, listing them 31st instead of 32nd. Rock hard and rock on, James. Maybe he felt bad for Bengals fans, because everyone knows that ESPN is the leader in developing formulas to "accurately" grade and rank stuff.

That being said, ESPN's Power Rankings after last week's win over Cleveland, launched (and we mean launched) Cincinnati to 30th. That's better than the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns, who have replaced the Bengals for last place (again).

The bottom five:

28) Denver Broncos
29) Carolina Panthers
30) Cincinnati Bengals
31) Seattle Seahawks
32) Cleveland Browns

And of course you notice, the only winner in the bottom five were the Cincinnati Bengals. No, we're never happy and yes, we'll find a problem with damn near everything.