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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Lesson Of The Day Is To Take Crayon And Scribble

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SB Nation ranked the Bengals 27th in their Power Rankings, ESPN ranked the team 30th and Pro Football Talk jumped in at 26th. Brian Billick of Fox Sports launched his Power Rankings on Tuesday (as everyone else does) listing the Cincinnati Bengals 21st overall. No. My finger didn't slip to the left of the number "3"; this legitimately forced us to conclude that Billick isn't such a bad guy afterall.

This might have been the most impressive performance of the weekend that nobody noticed. Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis should get a great deal of credit for not letting a team quit on itself, especially when many outsiders already had.

The Cincinnati Bengals improved nine spots from last week, according to's weekly Power Rankings. They're not the more convincing 21st overall, though considering it's only after one game this year, we'll take No. 22 -- for now.

Continue reading and learn what conclusion we drew after this week's Power Rankings.

A victory. Now, the bad news. Andy Dalton is your future, Bengals fans, and his status is up in the air. Cedric Benson still doesn't know to go down inbounds when leading by three points with 3 minutes to go (before his late touchdown). Bruce Gradkowski wasn't overly impressive in relief. That said, this team could put together a string of wins. Check out this creampuff schedule: at Broncos, vs. 49ers, vs. Bills, at Jaguars, vs. Colts, at Seahawks.

But nothing compares to Sporting News' 20th ranking, improving five spots (they had the Bengals 25th last week?!).

Crocker and fellow defensive back Nate Clements are among the team's oldest players at just 31. He gives Marvin Lewis a good blitzing option at safety.

Um, alright.

So as we conclude our lesson today kiddies on this week's power rankings, people have no clue where to rank the Bengals, listed anywhere from 20th to 30th on various Power Rankings.