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Bengals Fantasy Recap - Week One

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The Bengals offense put up 24 points on Sunday while their defense held the Browns to just 17 points. Overall, it was a solid day for several Bengals with regards to their fantasy football production, while some others were held in check.

Andy Dalton: I projected under 200 yards with one touchdown and 1-2 interceptions for Dalton. He only played the first half of the game due to a wrist injury suffered right before halftime, but ended up with 81 yards passing, one touchdown and zero interceptions. Dalton played efficient football and was largely mistake free. This will be good enough for the Bengals to win in the NFL, but he is not the type of quarterback to win games for you in fantasy football as your number one quarterback. His has value in deeper dynasty/keeper leagues, and may be a solid match-up play later on in the season once he progresses. 

A.J. Green: I projected 3-4 receptions for 60 yards for Green. He ended up with only one reception for 41 yards and a score. Green was matched up with Joe Haden for the whole game, who managed to frustrate Green for pretty much the entire game. Green was able to keep plugging away until he finally caught Haden off=guard with his lone reception for a touchdown. Green will be facing the opposing teams best cover guy week in and week out, but he is way to talented and driven to be held in check. He will only get better as the season progresses.

Jerome Simpson: I stated that Simpson should not be played until he showcases some consistency with Dalton as he was barely targeted in the preseason. Simpson did manage to catch four passes for forty-four yards, but when the team needed a big play they looked towards A.J. Green. Simpson's value will only increase as Green starts drawing more double coverage and he gets more one on one looks.

Jordan Shipley: I projected 3-4 receptions for 40 yards for Shipley. He ended up with only one reception for a loss of a yard. Shipley was predominantly a non-factor in this game as the Dalton and Bruce Gradkowski looked for Jermaine Gresham across the middle and to convert third downs.

Cedric Benson: I projected around 100 yards and a touchdown for Benson in this game. He ended up with 121 yards rushing and a touchdown. Benson had a great game and the offensive line looked good in opening up some running lanes for him. As long as the Bengals do not fall behind by a couple of scores early, he should continue to be a consistent performer for the team all year long.

Bernard Scott: I projected 20 yards rushing with a couple of receptions for Scott. He only managed three yards rushing in limited playing time. Scott will have a couple big games this year but is too inconsistent to be counted on to be a fantasy producer.

Jermaine Gresham: I projected four receptions for 35 yards and a touchdown for Gresham. He ended up with six receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown. Gresham was the teams leading receiver and red-zone threat. He has the potential to be a very solid fantasy tight-end this season.

Mike Nugent: Nugent was able to record three extra points and two field goals thanks to excellant field position in the the beginning of the game. It was a good game for Nugent who converted on both of his field goal attempts, with a long of 47 yards.

Bengals Defense: Outside of the second quarter the Bengals defense played fairly well. They held the Browns to only 17 points, recorded two sacks and an interception. If they stay healthy they have the potential to be a solid fantasy unit.

Individual Defensive Players

  • Rey Mauluga: 6 tackles (3 solo - 3 assists)
  • Manny Lawson: 1 tackle
  • Carlos Dunlap: 0 tackles
  • Michael Johnson: 1 tackle, 1 interception
  • Leon Hall: 2 tackles
  • Reggie Nelson: 9 tackles (7 solo - 2 assists), 1 sack
  • Nate Clements: 4 tackles (3 solo - 1 assist)