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Bengals Are Four-Point Underdogs Against The Denver Broncos

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According to Odds Shark, the Cincinnati Bengals are currently four-point underdogs as they head into their week two meeting against the Broncos in Denver. The line earlier this week was six points, then it feel to 4.5 and now it's four points. Four points. Cincinnati beat the Cleveland Browns despite being seven-point underdogs at one point last weekend.

The thing that worries me the most is that while the Bengals might be underdogs, they're trending upward thanks to a brilliant quick-snap call by offensive coordinator Jay Gruden that caught the Cleveland Browns defense off-guard, freeing A.J. Green for a 41-yard touchdown.

It's not so much that we're worried about people expecting the team to win; hell, we all expect the Bengals to win this and every game for every season. At the same time I honestly believe that this team will thrive with the underdog perception, much like they did early during the 2009 season. Except I believe that they can do it better this year, facing down and conquering adversity.

But the Bengals can't suddenly be forcing that sect of Bengals fans that predicted an 0-16 season or members of the media calling them the worst team in the NFL to start revising their predictions to more modest and less hysterical conclusions.