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Are You The Boldest Bengals Fan?

As you may have noticed last weekend, the great people at Guinness have been awesome enough to sponsor our game threads for the entire season. Awesome, huh? Well, they're awesome for two reasons; sponsoring our game threads is just one of them.

Now I have two requests from you, my illustrious and awesome readers. We're looking for two fans. We're looking for stories of you, or your nomination for being the boldest Bengals fan that this franchise has ever seen. If anyone knows the storm trooper guy, have him get ahold of me (because I think a lot of you will nominate him anyway). The second person we're looking for is the boldest Bengals fan that currently comes to this website. Perhaps you're just a reader. Perhaps a commenter that's been here since this website started in 2006. It doesn't matter.

In the coming weeks, we'll announce our boldest fan and boldest person on this website (staff not included) for both. So email me your nominations.