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Donald Lee Believes Jermaine Gresham Could Become One Of The Greatest Tight Ends To Ever Play The Game

+ Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham could be one of the game's greatest tight ends ever. That's not the unbiased rhetoric of a fan that moonlights as a blogger for this great team. No. That's the opinion of the team's newest tight end Donald Lee.

“He’s going to be one of the greatest tight ends to ever play this game,” said Lee.  “I didn’t know much about him, but watching him in practice, he looked like a wide receiver out there.  I look at that guy as like a Randy Moss for this team.  He’s a great guy and I feel blessed to be here and to be able to work with him.”

Lee clarified that he's not predicting greatest on the scale of being the greatest of all-time, rather at the rate Gresham players and practices, Lee believes the second-year player out of Oklahoma can become one of the "tight ends to ever play the game".

Gresham posted 52 reception in 2010, breaking the franchise record for most receptions by a rookie tight end. He also tied Jordan Shipley for the most receptions by a rookie in the American Football Conference.

You know, I'm getting to like this Donald Lee fellow.