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Commentary: Countering Paul Daugherty's Point With Chad Ochocinco

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Over the course of blogging the Bengals since 2003, I've moved away from reacting to other commentaries for the simple purpose that it doesn't benefit any of us. At the same time there's compulsions to respond; if for anything to generate debate with the community on certain aspects of someone else's commentary. Today is one of those days.

Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer questions the Bengals (again) in an attempt, we gather, to recalibrate expectations that were so low this time last week; especially considering that they beat the Cleveland Browns and the tea-leaves promote another possibility against the Denver Broncos and their swelling of injuries.

Truth is when I look back at week one, there was a point during the game that the offense was lifeless and considering that the Browns had several big plays already in their pocket during the first half, there was a worry that another could happen. Perhaps that's the past 20 years leaking into the thought, but if you review the game thread comments, I'm not alone and that spell could reemerge against the Broncos in Denver this weekend. Thankfully this team, which has never overcome adversity during the Mike Brown era, finally looked beyond it and won when in years past, it would have never been possible.

Daugherty's point on Thursday points aims at the obvious antagonistic nature of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco and how several current Bengals have already said that the team is better without them, quoting Andrew Whitworth. “Sad to say, as much as I love you guys (media), sometimes stars are born from y’all, not necessarily success on the football field,” Whitworth said. “Some guys run their mouths a lot or say a lot of things so they get a lot of attention. It doesn’t mean they always play football the way it is supposed to be played.”

Daugherty responds.

Owens is going to the HOF, most likely. Eight-Five has been to six Pro Bowls, which would be five more than (Whitworth). Maybe The Men will win more games this year, and maybe part of the reason will be this fine camaraderie they have acquired without the 2 diva receivas. More likely, if they win more games than last year, it’ll be because the schedule is straight from a bakery.

The point is clear and somewhat understood. But during Chad's 178-game career in Cincinnati, the Bengals sported a .404 winning percentage; it's not like he dominated the game that he should be exclusively protected from current Bengals speaking out; specifically towards his well-known distractions.

Ochocinco's playoff record is a combined six receptions for 87 yards receiving in two losses and during one of those games, Chad instigated a locker room distraction with a rumored fight with wide receivers coach, Hue Jackson during the half time against the Steelers. What's worse is that the Bengals were winning by three points when the fight supposedly happened. During his final three seasons in Cincinnati, Ochocinco averaged 64 receptions for 806 yards receiving and just over five scores. And who cares about Terrell Owens? He was here one season; during the worst record the team sported since 2002 (a tie in 2008 accounts for half-a-win). And during that one season Chad participated in more reality television shows than touchdown receptions.

Truth be told, I've always liked Chad Ochocinco. And I liked him when he was the harder-working, team-dedicated Chad Johnson. But I fail to see the point of someone reacting to players' responses to a likely question given by the media themselves, and then infiltrating those responses into a show of favoritism that completely ignores the trend of Ochocinco dating back to 2008; instead reminiscing about the receiver before his Super Bowl media row to make it publicly known he wants out.

Anyway, it seems to me that Chad has more to worry about than what Whitworth said this week after what the receiver tweeted after the Patriots regular season opener on Tuesday morning.