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Top Wins During Marvin Lewis Era: Jerome Simpson Finally Arrives During 34-20 Win Over Chargers

After Cincinnati's 27-17 win over the Cleveland Browns, we decided to list the victory as one of the team's best wins dating back to 2003. Obviously the implications on the season have yet to unfold; but do you remember a game in which you felt more excited about for some time? So we're going to do a series of ten posts throughout Friday afternoon announcing our top-ten best wins during the Marvin Lewis era. Starting with...

+ Bengals Week 16 Win Over the Chargers (2.26.2010). Cincinnati's 34-20 win over the San Diego Chargers may not have much affect on the team's season in 2010, but the affects truly were lasting. First of all the San Diego Chargers came into town with playoffs heavy on their minds and a win would give the Chargers a final chance during the regular season finale next week. The Chargers had previously won 20 of their previous 21 December games and five people in the continental United States thought the Bengals would pull out a win against San Diego.

Surprising even those five, the Bengals would go onto score 21 points in the fourth quarter behind one of the most efficient games in Carson Palmer's career, eliminating the Chargers from the 2010 playoffs.

The lasting effect was at wide receiver. Chad Ochocinco sat with an injury, giving rise to Jerome Simpson who caught six passes for 124 yards receiving and two touchdowns. Along with A.J. Green and Jordan Shipley, Simpson provided enough confidence in the team to trade Chad Ochocinco in the offseason.