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Top Wins During Marvin Lewis Era: The Shootout Of 2004

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+ Bengals Week 12 Shootout Win Over the Browns (11.28.2004). There are games that are are intense, with lasting playoff implications that rival the current state of politics between two fracture parties. Then there are games that are simply fun, such as the 106-point shootout between the Bengals and Browns in 2004.

Both teams combined for 12 touchdowns, 49 first downs and 966 total yards on offense during a game that set defenses back ten years. Though Carson Palmer completed 22 of 29 passes for 251 yards passing and four touchdowns, he also tossed three picks. On the other hand, Kelly Holcomb, who shattered Cincinnati's pass defense to the bone, completed 30 passes for 413 yards and five touchdowns. Though a late Deltha O'Neal interception in the fourth quarter sealed Cincinnati's 10-point win over their in-state rivals.

Rudi Johnson also contributed with over 200 yards rushing and two touchdowns. This game had virtually no meaning to the overall impact to the 2004 season. But it was fun as hell to watch. As a side note, the defensive coordinator for both teams would be replaced during the offseason.