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UPDATE: Rico Murray Isn't Signing With Anyone

+ Former Bengals defensive back Rico Murray wasn't "former" for very long. After the Bengals signed tight end Donald Lee to give them a compliment of three players, Cincinnati released Murray to make room on their 53-man roster.

It was believed that Murray would return in some capacity to Cincinnati, either somehow forged back into the 53-man roster at the very least, back to the team's practice squad.

There's little chance for that now. According to Rico Murray's twitter account, the former defensive back is joining the Dallas Cowboys.

Unfortunately for Murray, it was a numbers game. The team liked his versatility and his special teams play. However the team, like every NFL team in the league, is forced to juggle components around to make room for the roster they believe gives them the best chance to win.

However in reality the likelihood of Murray return was slim, especially after Adam Jones was recently cleared by doctors after a lengthy rehabilitation with his neck.

UPDATE:Rico Murray was singing a song with apparently the lyrics stating, "I am a Cowboy." Sigh, tease.