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Greatest Win During Marvin Lewis Era: The Emotional 24-19 Win Over The Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs

+ Bengals 2003 Beat The Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs (November 16, 2003). It all started with Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, guaranteeing that the 4-5 Cincinnati Bengals will beat the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs. "Yeah that's right," Johnson said near his locker. "I guarantee it. They (are) undefeated, we (are) trying to get to .500. It's (gonna) be fun." Johnson wasn't being crazy. The Bengals really were playing well at the time, coming into the game having won three of the past four, including a 34-26 win over the Raven (which we had to put in there just because we like our little jabs).

On the other hand the Kansas City Chiefs were really good (evident by the fact that they were undefeated). Running back Priest Holmes was having a tremendous season that year, posting 27 rushing touchdowns and over 2,000 yards from scrimmage. Quarterback Trent Green would post over 4,000 yards passing and Tony Gonzalez was in the middle of his Hall of Fame career.

What happened during this game was magical. No game has yet to achieve the raw emotional joy that fans felt after the Bengals beat the Chiefs 24-19. Words like epic, fantastical, will never describe the feeling. It wasn't just a win either. It was a vindication of so many things and the finality of the seasons before Marvin Lewis arrived.

It wasn't just the offense, defense or the special teams. It was the combined effort of everyone. It was Rudi Johnson posting 165 yards rushing. It was Jon Kitna recording a passer rating of 102.7. It was the defense that forced Kansas City into five straight punts to open the game -- four of which went three-and-out.

But most of all, it was Peter Warrick. With 13:04 left in the fourth quarter, the Bengals were up 10-6. Kansas City punts from their own 36-yard line to Cincinnati's 32, where Warrick settled to catch the football. He was never tackled. After 68 yards, Warrick celebrated in the endzone to give the Bengals 17-6 lead. Now there's 6:18 left in the game and Trent Green completed a 12-yard touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez to bring the Chiefs within one possession. On the very first play, Jon Kitna hooks up with Warrick on a 77-yard touchdown pass, giving the Bengals a 12-point lead and with only six minutes left in the game, the eventual win.

The true impact this game had on the 2003 season was minor; other games had greater impacts on their respective seasons. Other games sported bigger scores, greater performances and what have you. But we're fans on this one (not stay-at-home analysts) and this win meant the most, long remembered as one of the greatest wins during the Marvin Lewis era, if not all-time, simply for the impact it had on such a larger scale with fans.