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Friday Night Open Thread

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It's football season and no matter what day of the week it is, there's bound to be a game or two. Maybe you're into high school football -- if you live in Ohio, there's a decent chance you are -- then Friday night is the night. Of course there's college football tonight too. Boise State takes on Toledo and Iowa State plays Connecticut. Both games start at 8 p.m. and are on ESPN and ESPN2.

Maybe you're excited for the college football games that are to be played tomorrow. Oklahoma at Florida State, Ohio State at Miami (FL), Tennessee at Florida, any of those games float your boat?

Even if you're not excited about college football, I know you're excited for the Bengals to play on Sunday. If you weren't why would you be here?

Either way, whatever football it is that you're watching, feel free to talk about it here.