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Klis, Marvez, Thornton and Williamson Make Their Predictions

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Like last week, writer Geoff Hobson gathered four analysts to predict the score, or at least say who has the edge, of the upcoming game against the Broncos. This week, Hobson gathered Alex Marvez, a former sports writer at The Dayton Daily News and currently an NFL writer for, Mark Klis of The Denver Post, Bill Williamson, who covers the Broncos and the rest of the AFC West for ESPN and John Thornton, former Bengals defensive tackle and current All Pro Blogger who also works for the Big East network.

Last week all four analysts predicted the Browns to win. Let's see what they said this week.


"But I'm picking them (Broncos) to win because I just think it's hard for a rookie quarterback to win anywhere on the road and this can be a difficult place to play. It's not going to be easy but I think the Broncos are going to play better the second time out. They're coming off a division game and those games are always different and in some ways you can't use it to judge what going to happen in a non-division game.

Klis believes the Broncos will defeat the Bengals by a score of 30-21.


"If the Bengals are going to play the Broncos, this is the best possible time. They're banged up, especially on the defensive line, and they're in a lot of chaos with the quarterback situation. I can definitely see the Bengals giving them problems with Cedric Benson running the ball."

Marves believes the Broncos will be the Bengals 24-19 saying, "Not an easy place to play with a rookie quarterback."


"When you're a team like the Bengals going with a rookie quarterback, that means you know you're going to take the ups and downs this season and not only that, you're going to play pretty conservatively and rely on your defense. So I don't see them being as aggressive as the Raiders."

Being a former Bengal, Thornton will pick his old team to win, right? Thornton doesn't predict a score, but he does give the edge to the Broncos. He says, "Broncos, but this is a game the Bengals can win. I think it's like last year. They're going to be in pretty much every game and it's going to come down to a couple of plays."


"I think it's going to be a game like last week for them. I see Denver having the edge because they simply can't be worse on offense. They were sloppy. It was simple mistakes. Fumbles. Interceptions. I just don't see them playing that bad on offense this week again. And I think you'll see them try and establish the run more. They ran it just 13 times and that's not what John Fox does. They tried to run some screens and some quick passes and didn't get much."

Williamson gives the Broncos the edge but says," I could easily see the Bengals winning it."

So, once again all four analysts predict the other team to win the game. Despite the injuries to the Broncos and despite the Bengals road win against a division opponent last week, they're still the underdogs. That's fine with me, though. I'd rather fly under the radar than be predicted to win in somebody else's stadium.

So, once again, who cares what they think? I think they Bengals can win on Sunday just like they did last weekend.