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Reminder: Real Football Talk with Post-Game Call in Show Debuts Tonight

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Now that the season has started, we thought it would a good idea to expand out podcast. Not only are we hosting our weekly show on Thursday night to recap the previous game and talk about the upcoming game, but now we're going to start a weekly post-game show for you to call in and share your thoughts, whether they are good or bad, with fellow Bengals fans.

So tonight at 7:30 p.m. (ET) the first Real Football Talk with Post-Game show will start. For the first 15 minutes Joe Goodberry and I will discuss the game, recapping the scoring drives. Then around 7:45 we're going to open the phone lines for the next 45 minutes. So, give us a call at 661-449-9301 to be connected with us. We'll take each call as they come in.

If you'd rather not call in but still want to listen, you can do so here.

So, please join us to make our first post-game call in show a good one. Hopefully we can all celebrate a win on the air tonight.