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Andy Dalton Completes An 84-Yard Pass And A.J. Green Catches Most Impressive TD Reception Ever Seen

When the Bengals offense came alive, the defense went to bed.

With 13:40 left in the game, Kyle Orton threw a deep pass down the right sidelines, a little short, forcing wide receiver Eric Decker to spin around and wait for the pass. Safety Chris Crocker tried to drill Decker out of the play as he caught the pass, but took himself and Nate Clements out on the play on probably one of the worst defensive plays in the game. Decker easily ran into the end zone completing the 52-yard touchdown.

Now the Bengals are down by nine points and that failed two-point conversion looms. Rather than kicking the point after attempt late in the third quarter, the Bengals are down by nine, requiring the team two possessions to win the game.

On the first play on Cincinnati's ensuing possession, Von Miller posted his first NFL quarterback sack on Andy Dalton, forcing the Bengals into a second-and-23 from their own seven-yard line.

Oh, man. Things can't breakdown now.

Dalton in the endzone, finds Jerome Simpson over the middle, who nearly outruns the entire Broncos for an 84-yard reception.

One play later, Andy Dalton finds A.J. Green on perhaps the most impressive touchdown reception I've ever seen in my entire life. Dalton throws a pass a little high, forcing Green to jump in the air. With both hands on the football, Green plants his right foot in the grounds and barely tips his left toe in bounds for the touchdown.

This is madness, folks.