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Jordan Shipley On Crutches With His Left Knee In A Brace

With 9:20 left in the third quarter, Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley ran a crossing route from right to left. As he hauled in the five-yard reception from rookie Andy Dalton, Shipley reached for his knee as he was tackled, showing signs of serious pain. The training staff assisted Shipley off the field, preventing him from putting any weight on his left leg. He was put on a cart and sent off to the Bengals locker room.

After the game Shipley's left knee was reportedly in a brace and the wide receiver was on crutches on what could be a serious ligament injury.

If the Bengals lose Shipley for the season (we hope the injury is just a precaution and not a ligament injury), he'll be placed on Injured Reserve freeing up a spot on the 53-man roster. Most likely the team would replace the spot with another receiver and maybe someone like Andrew Hawkins or Quan Cosby; even though both players are mostly special teams guys and Brandon Tate has largely locked in that role. Andre Caldwell, who scored a touchdown on Sunday, would likely be promoted as your slot receiver with rookie Ryan Whalen receiving more playing time.

Regardless the prognosis of Shipley's injury should be known soon enough.