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Real Football Talk with Post-Game Show: Bengals 22 Broncos 24

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We tested the post-game show waters in the wake of a two-point loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday night. Joe Goodberry, David Wellman (BeerRun) and I talked about the game for the first 15 minutes and then took calls. Even though the Bengals lost, the callers were extremely upbeat by the performance, especially in the second half, by the team's rookie quarterback and the receivers that surround him.

On top of taking calls, Joe, Dave and I analyzed the stats from both team, talked about the decision making from the Bengals coaches -- the decision to go for it on fourth-and-one instead of kick a long field goal that could have won the game -- and the complete and total difference between the Bengals offense in the first half and in the second half.

You can listen to our first post-game show here.

Thanks to Joe, Dave and our callers. We'll have a show on Thursday night, as usual, where we'll talk more about the loss to the Broncos as well as preview the game against the 49ers. We'll also have another post-game call in show next Sunday as well.

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